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I have been collecting watches for the past 2 decades starting in 2002. I was always intrigued by watches and how they looked and worked. Starting off my watch journey I learned what I could from various forums and a local watch maker who was a friend of the family. Before the various social media outlets buying and selling was a long process. I started off buying watches from department stores and then from various forums. I bought and sold for the better part of 15 years, which was tough being in college and working full time a lot of my money went to watches. I can honestly say it was a long process back then made easy now with social media. Teaching myself to work on watches and learning what makes a great watch comes with time, persistence and dedication. I enjoy a wide range of watch types from small microbrands to the high end Swiss Brands.  We all have different opinions and views on what is nice and not nice. My only hope in doing these types of reviews is for people to have a better understanding of what it is they are actually getting for their hard-earned cash.

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