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Audric Seaborne - Glacier Blue

I first saw Audric hit the scene of the watch world on Kickstarter with impressive specs, design and colors for their Seaborne Automatic. At the time I wish I had purchased it but with family matters going on I completely forgot about it and came back to it just couple of months ago. Audric claims to bring unique eye-catching colors, workhorse Swiss made movements, high quality, and impeccable materials in their Swiss Made watches. Does Audric deliver on all of these points? Let's find out!


⦿ 120 clicks unidirectional sapphire bezel filled with BGW9.

⦿ Domed sapphire crystal with 5 layers of anti-reflective coating.

⦿ Screwed case back with watch specs.

⦿ Screw down crown with logo etched.

⦿ Logo filled with white luminous (BGW9).

⦿ 50 ATM W R. Helium Escape Valve @ 9H.

⦿ Sunburst pattern Sandwich Dial (minute markers in C3 Lume) with Matt background and Applied indexes Rhodium plated (filled with white luminous BGW9).

⦿ Rhodium plated hour, minute and seconds hands filled with white luminous (BGW9).

⦿ SS 316 L bracelet with diver buckle and extender.

⦿ Solid end links on the fitted bracelet with screws in the links for easy sizing.

⦿ 22 mm at the lugs and 20 mm at the buckle.

⦿ SW 200- 1 Incabloc and Elabore Execution.

When I first noticed the Seaborne it was something that was right up my alley in terms of the color, size, specs and just about everything appealed to me. I had ordered it directly from their website and after a few days I was told that the dial in Glacier blue I had ordered would take some time to get in. After a short time the dial was in and they contacted me every step of the way even to make sure my delivery went smoothly.

The dial for me was an absolute delight to look at it once I received the watch. The Glacier Blue pops in just about all light situations. Everything from the hands, markers, dial design was laid out nicely with great attention to detail.

Getting up close the logo and wording in the dial its extremely well done. very crisp and clean no bleeding and centered just right.

Th Rhodium plated hands on the dial filled with lume are precisely cut with very little to no dust/debris on them. The date window is also done very well in the same manor. The lume isn't blotchy, but thickly applied and filled evenly.

The dial depth gauge has a wonderful finish on it and the markers are precise and spaced evenly. The minute marker holes punched into the dial are just about immaculate. I went over each and everyone and they were punched out perfectly.

The sapphire bezel is easy to rotate and has no back play. The BGW9 glows well and again nicely done work on having the markers being crisp and easily legible.

The case is very angular and aerodynamic, and I do love the satin like finish with the case indentations. The crown sits comfortably with the crown guards. The HEV seems to be almost an after thought being off center, but honestly I don't mind it.

The caseback shows and engraving of a sea turtle which isn't rough nor sharp but smoothed out nicely. It is also all brushed and numbered. Removing the caseback is smooth and the threaded nicely.

The bracelet is 22m L2L and 20mm at the buckle with a mix of brushing and polishing. The divers Extension clasp is very solid and brushed well. You also get 3 micro adjustments as well. The bracelet also has solid end links and screw pins for easier link removals and had no problem taking them out. The engraving on the clasp is also well done and not too sharp when running your finger over it.

The mix of BGW9 and C3 lume on this watch is a show stopper for sure. As mentioned before the precision on the minute markers on the dial just makes that lume pop even better.

The Audric Seaborne currently retails for $999, which for me I think I got every bit of moneys worth from the watch. I really like the attention to detail and the finish and quality that went into making this watch. I have talked to Akshay Solomon about his views on watches and in simple terms he just wants to make a nice watch for people to enjoy that has the quality and finish we all deserve.

Audric has a new watch called the STRIDER that should release soon so I will be checking that out and most likely going to pick one up upon release.

Pick up the Seaborne today!

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Feb 16, 2022

Nicely done 👏

Feb 16, 2022
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Thank you!

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