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Venezianico Nereide Ultraleggero

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Meccaniche Venziane now known and rebranded as Venezianico had redesigned their very popular and much debated Nereide. One of the new versions is the Ultraleggero which we will be taking a closer look at. The watch draws much of its story from the Vitruvian Man, symbolizing Renaissance and the close connection between art and science.


  • CASE MATERIAL: 316L Stainless Steel

  • DIMENSIONS:Ø42 mm, lug to lug 49.00 mm, 22mm L2L

  • MOVEMENT: Automatic Cal. Seiko NH70A

  • CRYSTAL: Sapphire Glass with anti-reflective coating


  • BEZEL: 316L Stainless Steel, 120 clicks

  • WR: 20ATM (= 200mt)

  • BRACELET: Canova

  • 2 Year Warranty

The new for 2022 UltraLeggero uses 3 superimposed layers which replaces the spacer ring. The dial has also been patented. In the addition to leather/jubilee bracelet on the older models they introduced the Canova bracelet which consists of both brushed outer links and polished center links with a butterfly clasp design. New finishing on the case is also done to the new line which I will go over later in the post.

The Dial finish is very good and every opening and cut is precise and finished well. The wording is legible and like how its cut in the Ultraleggero print. The indices are relatively cut well, but do have some small debris which is one thing I wish they fixed from their older designs.

The bezel is solid with no play back and is 120-click Uni-Directional. The brushing is fine and even throughout the bezel. The lume pip is done evenly and glows bright with its BGW9. All the markers around the bezel are solidly filled and cut evenly.

The changes for this model on the casing has horizontal fine bushing along the case with polished chamfered edges, over the vertical very thick bushing on the older Nereide. The crown is the same as the older models. The crown is screw down and easy to turn however its very important to note that just like the old models the crown threads are a bit rough and some minor force will be needed to screw down the crown. I would suggest using some wax on the threads to make the function a bit smoother.

Taking a look at the lugs the bracelet sits very well within them. the mix of polish and brushed is far better than the older models.

The Canova bracelet is a lot more comfortable than I though tit would be. The mix of brush and polished is top notch. The end links fit well and are easy to use. Ill keep saying as I wish more companies would have quick releases on them. The butterfly clasp is solid and engraved with their logo. Being the type of clasp you will want to make sure you are ok with the fit, I personally have a 7.5 inch wrist and gits a little lose but just may have to be summertime watch to show off that beautiful blue in the dial.

The case backing sits a little higher than I would prefer but it does balance the thickness quite well.

The lume being BGW9 is applied evenly to get the job done, but doesn't last all that long..

Overall I do like the dial although not huge fan of many skeletonized watches I do like what they have done and the color really is wonderful playing with the light. The bracelet and bezel are great and feel solid being well built. The only things I would change would to be a better finish on the indices and work on making the crown a bit smoother.

The watch does retail for $685 on the bracelet and $625 on leather. I actually got this for a lot less than retail from Time Piece Monthly linked below. I wanted to see if they could do the blue dial on the bracelet and sure enough its wasn't an issue. The watch came within a couple of weeks and was packaged nicely,

For the cost I think its very reasonable even though you are getting a Seiko NH70A vs their Landeron movements before the Seiko feels so much better to wind and has a slightly better power reserve. Overall I think its a very eye catching watch which a god skeleton design dial. I do give them kudos for breaking away from their traditional style and branching out into new territory not being afraid to take risks.

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