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Welcome to Derek's Deep Dives

Welcome to my review page where we take a look a closer look at not just the specifications of a watch, but the up-close finish and quality of them too. Often times many collectors both seasoned and new will be captivated by a watch's specs and overall design. We are all too familiar with the phrases of “excellent build quality”, and “best bang for your buck”, but are they really? With the ever growing market of microbrands that exist today, many are often racing to get their watches out to collectors. With watches across all price ranges, it easy for us to get caught up in the looks of a watch and really not pay attention to the finer details.  

    It is my belief that we as watch collectors need to start looking beyond what we can see with our naked eye. We need to start looking over even the smallest of details to see what exactly we are paying for. Now some of you may think why would I care? I don’t have microscopic vision or I will never see this with my own two eyes. In short, we should because in the end we all want something that’s looks good, but we shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality in order to get it. It’s easy to make a watch look good and and charge a premium price, but it takes dedication to make something that looks good and have the quality we want and a price we want.  


Please keep in mind these will not be your same old reviews that you have seen online. There wont be 10 minutes writing/talking about specifications, or a long history of the brand. I would think we all know how to look that stuff up for ourselves.   

Also keep in mind these reviews are my own and not influenced by anyone. With that being said lets take a deeper dive into some watches! Enjoy! 



More Reviews to come, stay tuned!


Im always looking for new and exciting brands to review. If you are a new/older brand who would like to have their watch reviewed please feel free to contact me. 

For individuals also looking to have their watch reviewed or would like to suggest a brand for review, please also contact me. 



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